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  • Published on Feb 28, 2016

    Top 6 Camping Apps to Make Your Trip a Breeze

    Camping is supposed to be a fun time, exploring the outdoors with your friends and family, sleeping out under the beautiful vast night sky; but for some it can be stressful thinking about everything you have to prepare before, during, and after your trip.  Well, we’ve got the top 6 camping apps that will make your camping trip easy and one to enjoy.

    1. Camping Checklist by Jimbl- This camping app is a perfect app to help you prepare for your next camping trip.  You can create customizable lists of what clothes to pack, what food to prepare and what gear to bring.  The app shows you what items have been completed and by what you have left to pack when you check off as you go.  You can add, delete, auto sort, and rearrange your lists however you like, whenever you like.  The lists can also be customized based on the amount of time you plan to spend on your trip. You can sync and share your lists with family and friends when you upload them to the cloud. This allows them to be accessed at any time even without a wireless connection.
    2. RV Parks and Campgrounds from Park Advisor- This app has the most extensive list of RV parks and campgrounds, rest areas, gas stations, and stores within the United States.  It has a list of over 40,000 private, public, military, and KOA campgrounds and more.  The app lists reviews for each park and campground, cost information, and distance to your destination so that you can select the park or campground that is perfect for your camping trip.
    3. Locus Map Free Outdoor GPS Navigation app- The Locus outdoor GPS map is perfect for those days you want to get out and explore outside your campground.  It’s great for hiking, biking, geocache hunting, etc by recording your route via GPS mapping.  It shows your position on an offline or online map and shows you were the nearest tourist destinations are.  This app also displays natural landmarks to enhance your outdoor experience.  When used in the car it has turn by turn navigation to make it that all in one app you’ve been looking for.
    4. Coleman Classic Camping Cookbook and Meal Planner App- sponsored by Coleman, this app is perfect for planning your meals for your next camp trip.  You can plan meals based on type, category, and ingredients.  If you put in how long you expect your trip to last, it will generate a meal planner for the entire trip.  You can also search for your favorite foods and you can search for recipes based on the foods you already have.  It will also generate your shopping list and equipment lists so you never get caught without an essential item again.
    5. Accuweather App- One of the better weather apps out there.  It’s easy to use and gives local, current weather conditions and updates hourly.  It can predict what activities might be affected based on the weather forecast, such as camping and hiking and gives you access to radar maps in your area. 
    6. Survival Guide App- This is your all around must have app for your guide to survival in the outdoors.  The app provides information on the skills needed to survive in dangerous situations (hurricanes, tornadoes, flash flooding and other natural disasters).  It teaches you the basic survival skills for finding food, water and shelter.  The survival guide app also shows you how to signal for help, teaches you what plans and dangerous animals to avoid and offers basic first aid information.

    All of these apps were made to make your camping trip easier and less stressful so you can sit, relax, and enjoy your trip the way you are supposed to. 

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