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  • Published on Feb 03, 2017
    Tips to Keep Your RV Organized

    It can be hard, at times, to keep an organized RV. There are a lot of things you may need on your travels and a lot of things you will pick up. But have no fear! We will give you our top tips for organization this year. 

    1. Utilize Vertical Space/Work Up 

    When you are constantly on the move and don't have a lot of space to work out, working up is a very good solution. Putting a few hangers on the inside of your kitchen shelves for pans and pots, a magnetic strip on the back of your kitchen counter for knives, and a few door hangers or shoe hangers in your bedroom closet are excellent places to start! But you don't have to stop there. There are plenty of creative ways to work up and save as much floor space or shelf space as possible.

    2. Labeling 

    Ever find yourself rummaging through everything trying to find the basil? Labeling shelves, drawers, etc can be a great help in finding things quickly and making sure you never have to search for something you thought you had for hours on end. You could also use different colored boxes, different colored labels, and different colored hangers to get even more specific. The more specific, the better! 

    3. Keep Flat Surfaces and Open Spaces Clear 

    Living in a smaller space can be difficult at times but perfectly do-able! Keeping flat surfaces clear is a very good way to maximize the space you have. Having to trudge through floors covered in dirty clothes and move aside 3 different devices in order to set your plate down can cause some serious cramped feelings. Get rid of that clutter!

    4. Utilize Space In, Under, and Behind Things 

    Have a little space for a container of soap, sponges, and other cleaning products behind your sink? Do you have any extra space under your table seats or behind your door? Utilize it! Putting things in a container or box and putting it in extra space you won't use otherwise is a great way to save lots of space and make it easier to find things later on. Not to mention it will help things from rolling around and making a mess!

    5. On The Move

    In order to keep your RV clean and clutter free, you want to make sure everything is secure. Putting things on hangers is a good thing to do for pots, pans, and clothes/shoes. Make sure you have no slip shelving liner on the shelf surface so nothing inside moves around and falls out while you are driving. Look into thin containers to put into tall but skinny shelving (for oats, beans, flour, rice, etc). 

    6. Less is More

    Make sure to be very picky on what you let into your space. If you constantly put things into your RV without taking anything out, it could cause some major clutter! Ask yourself before you bring it in if you really need it.

    Keeping an RV clean and organized is very important. It can keep your spirits up and also make your RV quite spacious while still holding everything you may possibly need. Hopefully these tips will help you stay organized in 2017!

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