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  • Published on Jul 16, 2014

    Tiny House, Tiny Price

    With the new show "Tiny House Movement" bringing this lifestyle to center stage, we wanted to know if this is something you or someone you know would consider!

    After watching a documentary on the movement and now seeing there is a TV show, it is safe to say that the "Tiny House Movement" will only grow in the coming years.

    Here is some more information on what the movement is and what you could save by participating!

    What is it?

    For people who don't know, the "Tiny House Movement" is just what it sounds like. Individuals and even families are buying very small houses ranging from less than 100 sq.ft to around 500 sq. ft in order to live a more simple life and save some serious money. Most houses cost around $20,000, or basically a nice used car. 

    Imagine paying $20,000 for your entire house and having all that money left over. This is the thought process behind the movement, and most people say they are financially free in their smaller house.

    Although at times it can probably get crowded and claustrophobic, some people will do anything to save thousands of dollars.


    The main question people who participate in the "Tiny House Movement" get is why? The answer they give is quite simple. It gives them so much flexibility with their money, and they realize that they don't need that much to live.

    Would this be something that you would want to do? The benefits of having financial freedom over the luxuries that a house can provide is a tough question to ask, and one that certainly has been answered by RVers for a long time now!

    Full-Time RVers could be seen as living a tiny house lifestyle, but of course they have the luxury of travel!

    RV Outlet Mall

    If the "Tiny House Movement" is to extreme for you, RVing may be more your speed. While not as big as house, living in an RV can save you money as well as let you explore the country.

    If you or someone you know is thinking about purchasing an RV, head on down to RV Outlet Mall today! We offer a giant selection of new and used RVs that are sure to please you and your crew.

    Stop on by or give us a call today and feel free to comment on whether or not you could participate in the "Tiny House Movement!"



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