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  • Published on Aug 10, 2016
    Take a Trip to Lake Travis

    Take a trip to Lake Travis

    There are many lakes in Texas that one could visit to enjoy during these hot summer months. Lake Travis is one of the larger lakes at 63.75 miles long! At its widest point it is 4.5 miles wide and covers about 18,929 lake acres. That’s a big area but is fitting for such a big state. Join us as we take a trip to Lake Travis and show you all the wonder that it has to offer.

    Formed in 1942, Lake Travis was created by the implantation of the Mansfield Dam.  Construction of the dam began in 1938 and was finished in the spring of 1942.  This reservoir on the Colorado River is now what we all know as Lake Travis. 

    Because Lake Travis is so large and stems the Colorado River, there are many small parks that surround the Lake; 14 parks in total. All of these parks offer different amenities and activities for hikers, campers, and nature enthusiasts. Activities along Lake Travis include Fishing, boating, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, biking and sailing.  There are several marina’s around the lake that offer boat docks and ramps for visitors to put their own marine vehicles into the lake.  You can also rent boats, canoe’s, kayaks and paddleboats from several of these marina’s.

    Some of the parks around Lake Travis are a little different than others. One, “Hippie Hollow Beach” is clothing optional. So if your kind of enjoyment is running around in your birthday suit, this beach is for you.

    Lake Travis also has many RV parks and campgrounds surrounding its shores.  Depending on which part of the lake you wish to camp at, you can find a campground within minutes; some even on the lake offering picnic tables, grills, fire pits, and hookups for your camping enjoyment.

    There are also many restaurants around the lake if you don’t feel like cooking or roasting hot dogs over a fire for an evening.  From, pizza joints to fine dining, Lake Travis has it all. To find a list of restaurants or campsites near where you’ll camp, visit www.laketravis.com.

    If you are looking for one last hurrah before school starts back up, visit Lake Travis and bring the whole family!

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