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  • Published on Aug 20, 2015
    RVing According to Pinterest

    Most of us have been on pinterest a time or two. Some of us may even have created our own boards of things we like and stuff we would like to try. For those of you who don’t know what pinterest is, it is a digital pinboard that you post pictures on. You can share them with your fellow pinterest friends or litter your social media with all your pinterest shares. Pinterest is a great way to find out how to do something yourself. Need some stairs for your RV? If you go to pinterest and look up RV stairs, you’re going to find hundreds, if not thousands of different types of RV stairs, how you can build them, where you can buy them, and how you can amp up the ones you have. It’s a great database if you are a visual person, as the pictures are the first thing you see. So here is RVing according to pinterest. 

    1. RV Hacks 

    If you type RV into the pinterest search bar, you will see hundreds of RV related pins come up. The first one that comes up is “37 RV Hacks that Will Make You a Happy Camper”. If you click on the picture it will provide you with a link to the original source. There you will find all types of RV hacks you can try with your RV to make camping a little easier and maybe even a little more fun. 

    2. RV Vacations 

    Not sure where to take your next trip? Don’t worry, someone has already pinned some ideas for you. If you click on the pin for “10 RV Vacations You Need to Take Right Now” you’ll be taken to the yahoo travel page and to an article describing 10 vacations you should take in your RV. The article provides links to campgrounds in the area, taking all the guesswork out for you and providing reasons and what is offered at the desired location. 

    3. RV Organization 

    Want to organize the small space in your RV? There’s a pin for that too. When you click on the link provided in the pin, you’ll be taken to a blog entitled “Organizing Made Fun” by blogger Becky. Here you can find many articles on her blog related to organizing and DIY projects. She has her articles neatly organized with titles like Clutter, or Room by Room. Even if it’s not specifically RV related, you’ll still find a plethora of information on how to get organized. 

    4. RV Upgrades 

    Have you been thinking about adding some upgrades to your RV? This pin “Upgrade Ideas for Your RV” leads you to another blog on “Love your RV” that provides you with some upgrade ideas. The article also provides links to some of the items recommended for upgrade so you can easily purchase them online. 

    5. What Toilet Paper to Use in an RV? 

    Not sure what toilet paper will break down in your camper the best? Don’t worry, someone has already performed an experiment for you so you won’t have to find out the hard way. The pin “What to Flush in a Camper” takes you to the personal RV blog called the “The Touring Camper”. Blogger Kristin has been so nice enough as to write a post about her findings on what brand of toilet paper breaks down best and is suitable to use in a camper. Thanks Kristin!

    6. RV Camping for Free 

    Don’t feel like paying to stay at a campground? No worries, pinterest has a pin that shows where you can find places to camp for free within the US. All you do is click on the map to find what states have free campgrounds. A very useful resource for those camping on a budget.

    7. Used RV Buyer’s Checklist 

    Thinking about purchasing a used RV? Make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you do. This RV checklist helps you to remember what to look over before purchasing a used RV. That way if there are any repairs needed you can make sure those are taken into account to negotiate a fair price for the unit. 

    8. RVing with Cats 

    Want to bring your feline pal along but need a place to put the litter box? Check out this pin on how to install a litter box in an RV. This pin will take you to a blog article posted on "Do It Yourself RV". The blog article gives you two different ways on how you can install a litter box in your RV. It gives you step by step instructions along with pictures to make this DIY a little easier for you. 

    9. RV Personalization 

    If you’ve ever wanted to add a personal touch to your RV. We’ve found a pin that shows a nicely stenciled screen door that says "Welcome". Follow the link and it will lead you to Mrs. Padilly’s Travels, where she will show you step by step instructions along with photos on how to stencil a design on your screen door. So if you’re the glamping type, this might be just the thing for you.

    10.  Tips for Cleaning RV Tanks 

    Want to get some tips for cleaning tanks and sensors? This pin will give you a link to a blog called "Wheeling it". Here you can read their article on RV Tank Sensors & The GEO Method. They have a lot of great topics they write about so if you are looking to learn more about full time RVing and best methods, then read on. 

    As you can see, Pinterest has a lot of great RV pins. These are only 10 of them and there are hundreds more to go. Pinterest is a great resource if you are looking for DIY, hacks or any other information related to your chosen topic. As we’ve come to find out RVing according to pinterest is RV research that’s a little more fun and a little more eye catching.  


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