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  • Published on Nov 02, 2015
    Hot Hiking Spots in Austin

    Austin Texas, affectionately referred to as ATX, is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. It’s estimated that nearly 100 people move to ATX every single day. This is likely because the “Live Music Capital of the country” provides the perfect balance of city life and the great outdoors. Set on the outskirts of the Texas hill country, travelers are surprised to find that there is in fact some high-quality hiking in this region of the state. Here are 5 hikes that will make you see why everyone is rushing in to keep Austin weird.


    Riverplace Hiking Trail 


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    There are 3 trails on the Riverplace hiking grounds: The Canyons, Fern Trail, and Canyon Hollow. Whichever you choose, you will find yourself winding in and out of the breathtaking cedar forests of central Texas. These three trails, though in the same area, have very different features. The Canyon Hollow trail is said to have the greatest elevation change of any hiking trail in the Austin area. This is where the locals train for upcoming long hikes. The Fern Trail leads right along a creekbed and is home to the most waterfalls of the three trail options. The Canyon trail begins right as the Fern Trail ends and follows alongside the River Place golf course. You will see several pools of water along this trail in addition to a few more waterfalls on this trail. Whichever type of hike you’re seeking, the Riverplace Hiking Trails have it all.


    McKinney Falls State Park


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    This waterfall oasis is the hidden gem within the Austin city limits. Follow twists and turns through the hill country cedar trees as you listen to the roar of Onion Creek as it flows over boulders and spills into pools below. Mckinney Falls is a local favorite, especially in the summer time. During the warm months, which in Austin is virtually anytime other than November-February, Onion Creek will be filled with locals, visitors, pets, and everyone in between. The landscape is gorgeous and the falls will make you question whether or not you’re actually in a capital city.


    Barton Springs Greenbelt




    The Greenbelt is the place to go to escape the buzz of the city in Austin. Located just beneath the Texas 1 (MoPac) highways, this trail has several entrances and is a local favorite because of everything it has to offer. Barton Creek runs for 7.9 miles throughout the city and when the waters are high enough, this creek is a blast to float. People come from all over to hike, ride bikes, trail run, cliff jump, and rock climb. The greenbelt is broken up into three areas: upper greenbelt, lower greenbelt, and the Barton Creek Wilderness Park area. With relatively easy hiking trails, this spot is perfect for afternoon hikes and is fun for the whole family. If you’re in the Austin area during the springtime, grab a swimsuit and head down to the lower greenbelt for a quick hike followed by a refreshing dip in Barton Creek.

    Walnut Creek Trail 

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    The Walnut Creek Trail is Austin’s first urban trail. Get a feel for the city on this 7.9 mile trail that runs through the heart of the Texas capital city. The trail is broken up into two sections, the Northern trail and the Southern trail. Of those trails, the Northern portion has two different phases, covering multiple areas of the city. If you are visiting Austin and want a tour that doesn’t involve segways, hit this trail on foot or by bike and see for yourself why ATX is the place to be.


    Lady Bird Lake 


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    It’s impossible to talk about the outdoor scene in Austin and leave out the trail at Lady Bird Lake, also known as Town Lake. Located smack dab in the middle of the city, this loop circles the pride and joy of Austin: Town Lake. On any given day you will see this trail filled with walkers, joggers, and cyclists as the city seems to flock to the trail on lunch breaks and after work to get a little fresh air during the day. The entire trail is one big 10 mile loop made up of  shorter loops consisting of 3 and 6 mile options as well. The trail at Town Lake also feeds into Austin hot spots, Auditorium Shores and the infamous Zilker Park, both of which host the annual music festivals Austin City Limits and South by Southwest, as well as countless clubs and events throughout the year.

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    If you haven’t made your way deep down into the heart of Texas, start planning your trip to Austin today. You’ll find that these winding trails in the Texas Hill Country are part of the reason that people keep flocking to ATX. Stop in to see us at RV Outlet Mall while you're in the area, we would love to help you get ready for your next adventure!


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