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  • Published on May 31, 2016
    Best Tips for Camping in the Rain

    Best Tips for Camping in the Rain

    With as much rain as Texas has been getting lately, it’s likely the camping season has hit a stand still.  When there is as much rain as has been falling, it really puts a damper on any planned trips. And let’s face it, you can’t always predict the weather.  So we’ve got the best ways to prepare yourself for a rainy camping trip.  Let’s take a look at the best rain gear for camping and the best safety precautions for flash flooding.

    Best Rain Gear for Camping

    1. Tarps- Your #1 must have while camping.  They serve many purposes for camping in general but are especially handy in rainy weather.  If you get to your campsite and the ground is already wet from previous rain, laying a tarp down on the ground before you set up your tent will help keep the ground water from getting into your tent.  You can also use it as a shelter to hang above your tent to help keep the rain away.  Most tents come with a rain guard but during torrential downpours, even the best rain guards fall short.
    2. Buy camping gear made of synthetic material- Synthetic material repels water so picking out camping chairs, sleeping bags, table cloths, jackets, and more made from this material will help keep you and your belongings dry.
    3. Dry bags or garbage bags- Dry bags work wonders for keeping your belongings dry.  Keeping all of your electronics or clothes inside a dry bag during wet weather will prevent from unwanted damage.
    4. Waterproof spray such as Nikwax Tent and Gear Solar proof work wonders to repel water.  Simply spray on tents, chairs, awnings, etc to keep water off of your stuff. 
    5. Waterproof your electronics- Investing in waterproof cases for your electronics such as cell phones, tablets, cameras, and weather radios allow you to still enjoy using them and they will be protected from the rain. Water proof cameras such as the GoPro Digital Hero are a great example of a waterproof gadget that you can still use to capture the fun moments on your camping trips. 

    Safety Precautions

    Flash flooding is one of your biggest dangers during a rainstorm, other than lighting. It can be just as deadly and catch everyone off guard.  The powerful currents of the rushing water can be strong enough to swoop away a house, let alone your RV and campsite.  So to prepare yourself so this doesn’t happen to you, follow these steps:

    1. Keep an eye and ear out for warnings.  Many weather radios and TV stations will warn of chances for flash flooding. Be vigilante of where you are camping in respect to where the storms and flash flooding may occur.
    2. Don’t camp anywhere near a stream, lake, or river.  Even the smallest streams can turn into a raging rapid of water and debris during torrential downpours. 
    3. Always park your RV or tent on high ground.  Any low lying areas are a potential hazard for flooding. Water can collect and pool in a matter of minutes during a severe storm. It’s best to keep yourself and your belongings where the risk of getting water in your campsite is less.
    4. Follow all campground severe weather procedures in the event of an evacuation due to a severe storm.  Have a safe meeting place set up the second you enter your campground so that in the event anyone gets separated from the group they know where to go to meet everyone.

    As long as you keep an eye on the weather and take the proper precautions for your next camping trip, it doesn’t have to be a total rainout disaster.  Being stranded inside your RV or public campground building can make some of the best memories shared with your close family and friends.  It’s the perfect opportunity to play games and spend quality time with one another.

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